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Smart Communications, Inc.


The Filipino commuter spends an average of 4 hours in traffic daily on a good day. Smart saw this as an opportunity to launch their GIGASURF 50 offering on July 4, 2016. Through a campaign, Smart aimed to make traffic more bearable for customers plying the EDSA and C5 routes through a surprise treat.

Using hatch platforms, Smart gave away FREE 1GB of mobile data from 6-10pm to select prepaid subscribers in certain areas with Smart B1G campaign billboards. Using geofencing technology, targeted prepaid subscribers within a 5-kilometer radius of the ad spot received the surprise treat from Smart via Waze notifications and text messages.

The surprise brought smiles to the faces of subscribers who received the free mobile data treat, making the burden of spending commuting time in heavy traffic a little easier – all while helping drive awareness to the new mobile data promo.

Gary V Presents 2017

(Static SMS & Geofencing)

To create buzz and help in ticket sales for the “Gary V Presents” Concert by acclaimed performer Gary Valenciano in 2017, hatch launched a hardworking digital and mobile campaign for awareness, engagement and conversion weeks before the actual concert dates. Existing marketing efforts were also complemented with co-marketing partnerships.

For the event, SMS were sent to targeted users including profiled Gary V fans to let them know of ticket availability and to encourage purchase. Utilizing Geofencing technology, one-way SMS were also pushed to targeted profiles within a 5-kilometer radius of key areas, including Ortigas in Pasig City, Makati City, Taguig City, Pasay City, and Manila City.

To further extend the reach of the campaign, freenet ran a Mother’s Day promo to encourage people to answer the question “Bakit mo nasabing Winner si Mother?” (Why do you consider your mother a winner?”) to boost awareness about the concert.


(Mobile Storefront)

As one of the pioneers in the home TV shopping in the Philippines, ShopTV has realized the power of digital early on by diving head-first into e-Commerce. As early as 2015, the company has enabled mobile commerce for their customers via the mobile ready shopfront and in December 2016 via an iOS and Android app powered by TackThis!.

Cognizant of the massive reach of TV combined with the immediacy of mobile and the Internet, ShopTV debuted its mobile app to impressive reception by its loyal users, reporting a 47% increase in orders through its mobile channel in the first few months since launch.

ShopTV is making inroads and changing the game in the way they are revolutionizing customer experience with platforms powered by Voyager, especially in a market that has seen massive growth in smartphone and Internet adoption.


(Digital Engagement Platforms)

The ACC (previously know as Asian Carriers Conference) is a non-stock non-profit membership organization for telecoms and IT professionals and practitioners, focusing on the Asia Pacific region.

For its 2017 conference in Mactan, Cebu, ACC tapped Voyager in partnership with Smart and PLDT to enable a digitally transformed experience for delegates. This was achieved through the use of groundbreaking online and offline platforms that encouraged digital engagement between conference organizers and delegates.

From welcoming the delegates via hyper-targeted SMS, providing conference schedules and updates through a Facebook chatbot, to earning raffle entries by answering a digital survey, the seamless continuity of Voyager’s solutions helped enhance the overall engagement of delegates during the four-day conference–and push the annual summit further in the digital realm.

Light Rail Transit (LRT1)

(Mobile Magazine)

The LRT1 is among the most used means of public transportation for commuters in Metro Manila. Passenger volume hits really high numbers every day, particularly during rush hours when professionals and students use it to get to their destinations. Due to this high influx of passengers, LRT1 wanted to remind their patrons of the safety measures and proper conduct when boarding the trains.

To achieve this, LRT1 produced #KaligtasanSaLRT1 by Manix Abrera, a series of comic strips that illustrates the daily life and struggles of LRT commuters, and what they should do to prevent those scenarios from happening.

Using a Mobile Magazine, Voyager integrated the comic strips into a platform that is accessible online and on mobile for the viewers to see. This led to an easier distribution of the comics for all future LRT commuters to read.

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Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation

(Contactless Payments Acceptance)

Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), the largest tollway concessionaire in the country, has launched its digital tollways program which aims to build awareness on the various electronic payment options available for motorists traveling the NLEX, CAVITEX and SCTEX. These payment options include Easy Trip RFID, Mastercard contactless cards, and beep cards.

PayMaya Business is enabling the acceptance of beep as well as Mastercard contactless debit, prepaid, and credit cards, including their Smart Mastercard powered by PayMaya, for payments in these toll roads. Motorists will also be able to pay at MPTC expressways with their Visa contactless debit, prepaid, and credit cards.

The use of digital payments is helping usher a new era of tollways operations in the country where consumers can enjoy faster, more secure and more convenient electronic transactions.

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